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President Invitation

We are pleased to invite you to The International Federation Fertility Societies (IFFS) 22nd IFFS World Congress, to be held in India from September 21-25, 2016

The IFFS is renowned for its guest appearances at important conferences and of course its congresses, held since 1953. These have long brought together the best in reproductive science and key medical groups. We look forward to continuing that tradition in 2016. The Keynote lectures will update delegates on latest advances, targeting areas which can be translated to improved patient care. The signature trilogy sessions feature carefully selected speakers from the global community who will focus on three complementary aspects of a single theme. We would be remiss, of course, if we did not mention one of our key sponsors, The Snoring Mouthpiece Report, which offers a pretty honest review of the ZQuiet mouthpiece. It is with the help of companies like this that the IFFS can continue to spread the word.

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Indian Society for Assisted Reproduction

Indian Fertility Society

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